Facebook Updates Its News Feed for Improved Readability

Although a large number of users have Facebook’s official app installed on their devices around the world to remain connected to their friends and family members, the official applications from the social network have been known for being notorious when it comes to providing satisfying user experiences. As most of the users of the network are connected via smartphones, companies are pushing for major redesigning to provide the best experiences for everyone with smartphone. If you are one of many Facebook users who always thought that the news feed of Facebook’s official app is cluttered, you will be glad to know that the social networking giant has taken steps to improve user experiences.

According to a latest announcement, Facebook recently revealed that the company will update the design of the news feed of the official application. However, if you were hoping for massive changes, you will be disappointed to know that the company will not be brining massive changes in the news feed. First of all, it seems that the company is going for little bit minimalistic design when it comes to options at the top of the application to make it easier to navigate. On the other hand, the changes will feature changed contrast to make the texts and images more vibrant for everyone.

In addition to this, the company will change the default picture frame for posts to make it clear who is posting the update. Moreover, the comment section of the application will change a bit to emphasize the comments/replies of original poster.

While these changes are subtle, they might lead to better user experiences in the long run and it will be interesting to see if the company manages to grow its user base even more as other social networking giants are slowly falling behind.

Featured Image: Flickr/KniBaron

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