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Facebook Removes Video Clickbait Posts to Improve the News Feed

Thanks to its massive user base, Facebook often times are used by spammers to promote suspicious posts along with clickbait articles. Over last several months, the social networking giant has come under heavy criticisms to remove such posts along with fake news. However, the company has been taking steps for a while now and now, the company has revealed that in order to make the platform more user friendly, the network will demote clickbait stories that contain static images as fake video to trick people into going to a website.

This latest news comes shortly after earlier today, the company removed a forum for harassing others. Recently, the company started using AI to detect fake news stories as well as adding facts to existing stories in an attempt to combat harassment. As with all technology, such steps have their problems as the network shut down an activists after she posted the threats she received.

Despite these issues, it’s worthwhile to see that the company is taking steps to make the platform friendlier towards users. However, we will have to wait a while to see if the latest attempt to remove clickbait and fake videos bring decent results.

Featured Image: Flickr/Global Panorama

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