Another Earth Like Planet Might be Closer than You Think

In last several months, discovery of Earth like planets has been a common source of news and astronomers so far have found several earth like planets. While most of the times the Earth like planets are several hundred light years away, recently scientists have announced that an Earth like planet could be orbiting an star just 16 light years away from our own solar system and more importantly, according to scientists, the planet might orbit the sun in the habitable zone.

The new planet is in the star system called Gliese 832 which previously said to contain two planets similar to planets in our solar system. However, new calculations by the scientists have revealed that there could be another earth like planet between the previous two planets and the planet might have mass of between 1 to 15 times that of Earth.

In order to find out the planet’s existence, the group of scientists behind the discovery analyzed the data from a simulation similar to the star system. The results revealed different parameters in which an Earth like planet exist.

Prior to this discovery, researchers had discovered two known planets thus far using the traditional radial velocity technique. In order to find out if the star system contains another planet, the team used known methods along with others to simulate the possible third world in the system. And to the scientists’ surprise, the simulation revealed that there might be another planet after all. However, scientists will still need to calculate a large number of data to confirm the presence of the possible planet.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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