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Amazon Announce Fire OS 6

In last several days, Amazon introduced a lot of products to be released in the coming days and while it didn’t attract so much attention, the company has announced its follow up to Fire OS 5 with Fire OS 6.

If you are currently using any of the current products of the company, you might already know that the current version of the OS, Fire OS 5 is based on older version of Android as it uses either Lollipop or Marshmallow. Following up to the trend, the company will be using Android 7.1.2 instead of Oreo.

The latest operating system will provide a lot of new features as Fire TV devices will now have Android TV like abilities such as Picture-in-Picture along with Content Recording. However, as of now, it’s unclear whether or not it will support multi-window capabilities.

As for update, Amazon hasn’t revealed much regarding the process and as of now, all existing Fire TV products will not be updated to Fire OS 6. The list contain majority of the existing products except the company said that previous Fire TV devices will not be updating ‘at this time’ meaning there might be a possibility of future update.

Fire OS 6 is set to make its debut with 4K Fire TV which is available for pre-order from Amazon as of now and will start shipping in October. As for other products, we will have to wait to see which products of the company use the OS.

Featured image: Flickr/ActuaLitté

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