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We Might Not See Ben Affleck as Batman in the Future DC Movies

DCEU got off to a rough start as first few movies set in the universe were harshly criticized by everyone. While all of the movies have become major box office successes, apart from Wonder Woman, movies set in the universe failed to live up to expectations. Warner Bros. might be hoping that they finally got it right with the latest release of Wonder Woman as we eagerly wait for other installment in the future date. Interestingly, the latest rumors have suggested that the plans might not go as well as the studio is said to be working on ways to replace Ben Affleck as the Batman in the DCEU.

This latest news comes as Affleck is in San Diego Comic Con 2017 to promote the upcoming Justice League movie along with a new trailer. However, the rumors seem to hold grounds as little while earlier, director Matt Reeves had revealed that he had ditched the Affleck original script for The Batman to re-write the script. More interestingly, the director is said to be working on an original trilogy which is far from surprising given Planet of the Apes trilogy’s success. If that is indeed the case, chances are we will see Affleck pushing his age when the trilogy comes to an end.

Moreover, The Batman has become a major headache for Warner Bros. as there is no official release date of the movie just yet. Given that other productions are going pretty well, it’ll be interesting to see when production of The Batman starts although it might be delayed due to ongoing script related issues. Despite the rumors, there has been no confirmation regarding Affleck’s departure. Despite ditching Affleck’s script of the movie, Reeves claimed that he still intends to keep Affleck as the Batman for the movie. However, as Justice League is coming out few months later, we will have to see if such claim holds ground or there will be another actor joining the DCEU to reprise the role of Batman. Hopefully, we will hear more about the movie or trilogy pretty soon.

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