Samsung Is Reportedly Planning on Bringing Samsung Pay to Android Smartphones of other Manufacturers

Although Samsung Pay is currently one of the most popular alternatives to Apple Pay and Android Pay, the application is currently available to only specific high end Samsung devices. However, if recently released reports are to be believed, then Samsung is planning on introducing the popular payment method to users who currently do not own a Samsung smartphones.

The latest report comes via Gadgets 360 who claimed that Samsung has been discussing the possibility of introducing the Samsung Pay to devices of other OEM and devices of other manufacturers. In addition to that, the report also claimed that Samsung might release the full version of the application for users of mid-tier smartphones in the coming months in an attempt to increase user base of the service.

This latest report however, isn’t surprising given that Samsung is in recent time actively trying to increase the service’s popularity. For instance, most recently, the company released ‘Samsung Pay Mini’ app for users in the Indian market. However, if the company releases the application for mid-tier phones later this year, it will certainly help the company to keep up with other popular alternatives. However, to what extent this change will affect the user base in the coming months remains to be seen.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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