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How One Main Character of Arrow Might Go through Significant Changes after the Season 5 Cliffhanger

After several disappointing seasons, Arrow finally caught up with the audiences as it produced one of the best seasons in recent memories. However, fans are eagerly waiting for more details regarding the future of the show thanks to its massive cliffhanger at the end of season 5. While all of the series regulars are set to return to reprise their roles in the upcoming season, it is still unknown how the characters will go through changes over the course of next season. Recently, David Ramsey (John Diggle) commented on the effect of the cliffhanger will have on his character.

He said, “The explosion profoundly affects people in the show, particularly Diggle. I shadowed James Bamford, our esteemed stunt choreographer turned director turned now producer/director on the show, to look at directing and all the other stuff. I’m not directing an episode. We went back to the island and we shot what happened on the island in terms of that explosion. Diggle is profoundly affected by it and we’ll see the repercussions of what happened to him on the island throughout the season. Diggle particularly. There are other people that are affected, but Diggle specifically.”

While these are not significant details to go through, one thing is for sure, his character will survive as we eagerly wait for next season to premier later this fall. While we won’t know for sure what has happened due to the explosion, chances are the show will introduce new storylines were the actor’s character will have a pivotal role to play. As of now though, we only know that the show will feature a team of villains rather than one big villains that the show featured throughout its five seasons. Since the storyline is likely to go through a profound change, we might see Diggle join the team arrow sometimes later in the season even if his character indeed goes through massive changes. However, will have to a little bit more as premier of next season is just few months away from now.

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