Google brings SOS Alert Feature to Keep Users Safe in Emergency Situations

Facebook’s ‘safety check’ feature has been proven to be a helpful feature for a long period of time during emergency situations. Now, Google has released a similar feature called ‘SOS Alerts’ in its search services along with maps to help users to find relevant information in their area.

While Facebook’s safety check feature covers a wide area, Google’s SOS Alert feature will show greatest amount of information at the center of crisis to keep users informed about the ongoing crisis along with useful phrases in local language and emergency phone numbers.

The newly released feature will increase usability of the Map as it will show users the location of the incident and safe spots near the victim. Apart from that, thanks to the latest feature, the map will show real-time traffic information along with safe route away from danger area.

While the newly released features sound promising for users who don’t want to use Facebook, the latest features will be available in only 12 initial locations including United States, Japan, India and Australia. As the company lacks local partners in EU and UK, it’s unknown when users from the regions will be able to experience benefits of the latest feature.

These latest features comes after in recent months, Google introduced several other useful features in its popular Map. We have to wait a little while to see if the company brings similar features in its other products.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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