Fitbit’s Smartwatch to Support Third-Party Apps

Over last few years, Fitbit has attracted mainstream popularity largely thanks to the company’s fitness trackers. As the company’s products have evolved over last couple of years, hardly anyone was surprised when the company announced its plans to launch its own smartwatch. While other products from the company in recent memories didn’t have a large number of production issues, in last couple of months, reports surfaced that the company is currently having production related issues as rumors suggested that the company’s upcoming smartwatch, will not be supporting any third party application. However, recently the company’s CEO confirmed that the upcoming smartwatch will support third party applications.

In a recent interview with The Verge, James Park mentioned that the rumors surrounding the absence of third party support isn’t true. He revealed that the smartwatch will be released with several applications from specific partners. Apart from that, the company will also release a SDK for developers for other third party applications.

However, there wasn’t any particular details regarding the smartwatch’s release date although rumors in last several months have suggested that the company might delay the release of the smartwatch. While at the time the company stated these claims are just rumors, it’s likely that the smartwatch will be delayed by several weeks if in case it gets delayed. We will have to wait several more days to find out more.

Whatever happens with the company’s upcoming release of smartwatch, it’s likely that the consumers will appreciate the latest confirmation as often times manufacturers fail to understand the users’ expectations. As the company’s shares went down more than 60 percent this year, the latest addition of third party apps might bring some welcome changes in the company’s future. We will have to wait a bit more to find out if that’ll be the case when the smartwatch reaches consumers later this year.

Featured Image: Flickr/Timo Newton-Syms

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