Facebook Patents Suggest the Company Has Plans for Moduler Smartphone

Over last couple of years, tech companies have tried to develop moduler smartphone to allow users to focus on key features to give users more opportunities for customization. While Google has previously introduced a prototype of such device earlier, the search engine giant has given up on the idea of the moduler device last year. Despite that, other tech companies are still pursuing the idea as a recent patent filed by Facebook has suggested that the company is planning on brining devices that concentrate on the similar features of Moduler smartphones.

According to the latest patent filing, the company is currently working on a moduler device that will give users ability to replace specific components of their devices rather than buying and replacing electronic devices when a product becomes outdated. However, as of now, it’s not clear what exactly to expect if a device featuring the moduler capabilities indeed come to life.

While there is no confirmation regarding the release date of the devices, the group working on the project includes previous employees from Google who worked in brining similar devices. Apart from the rumored moduler device, a report from Business Insider have claimed that the group is currently working on several concepts such as technology that will allow users to type with their mind. While there is no official confirmation of the release of the product, the company has confirmed that most of the technical features come from a startup named Nascent Objects which Facebook acquired earlier last year. It is more than likely that we will have to wait several years if such devices indeed get released.

Featured Image: Pixabay/Simon 

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