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Facebook Launches New Program to Combat Terrorist Propaganda in the UK

Recently tech companies have come under heavy criticisms amid increased terrorist attacks. While social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter often play a major role in spreading hate speech and fake news, the companies are slow to react at times. In order to force the companies to remove extreme materials from the network, several countries in Europe are considering new laws that would impose hefty fines on the companies that fail to remove contents related to violence. Facebook however, launched a new initiative in the UK to remove hate speech and extremist materials from the social network.

The social network confirmed earlier on Friday that it will offer funding and training to local organizations to work against terrorism. The latest development however isn’t surprising as Facebook few days earlier announced its new measures to combat terrorist propaganda and other violent materials on the social network. According to a latest report from Reuters, the organizations which will work against terrorism can contact a dedicated support desk provided by the social networking giant. Moreover, the organization will receive advertising credits from the company to reach out even larger audiences.

However, we will have to wait pretty long to find out if the latest attempt to control hate speech works on the larger scale. With critics suggesting that implementation of fines would hinder free speeches on the platform, it will be interesting to see what the company does next.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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