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Facebook Cancel’s Its ‘Lifestage’ Application

As Facebook over last couple of months copied several Snapchat features, few were surprised when the company attempted to capture teenagers with its Lifestage application. However, due to the company’s failure to capture audiences, the company has finally decided to remove the application from the PlayStore and cancel the application.

The application was targeted towards high schoolers as the application attempted to create a dedicated social network for high school students. The application featured similar marketing technics of the earlier days of Facebook as users would be able to create profiles with photos and videos. However, the school and students’ profiles were locked and would be available for everyone in the school to view only if there were more than 20 profiles from each schools. With a lot of available applications featuring similar functionalities, the application or the social network never really went off the ground and unsurprisingly, the company hasn’t provided update in a long time.

As all the information listed in the profile would be public, it raised concerns regarding privacy. While lack of privacy might have been a contributing factor, the company might have canceled the application out of lack of interests from users. However, despite its small number of users, the company revealed that it got valuable information regarding user behavior of young generation which might be beneficial for users of main networks like Facebook and Instagram. We will have to wait and see if the company introduces features that will reflect these experiences.

Featured Image: Pixabay/AUGraphcis

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