Colonel Quaritch Will be the Main Villain in the Upcoming Avatar Sequels

After several delays over last couple of months, Avatar’s sequels are set to enter productions later this year. Although earlier director James Cameron confirmed that Colonel Quaritch will return in all of the sequels, recently, the director confirmed that the character will be the main villain in all of the next four sequels.

Recently, the director said, “The interesting conceit of the Avatar sequels is it’s pretty much the same characters. There are new characters and a lot of new settings and creatures, so I’m taking characters you know and putting them in unfamiliar places and moving them on this greater journey. But it’s not a whole bunch of new characters every time. There’s not a new villain every time, which is interesting. Same guy. Same motherfucker through all four movies. He is so good and he just gets better. I know Stephen Lang is gonna knock this out of the park.”

With the production set to begin in next month, all of the major characters are set to return. While the production delays have been a major issue of the sequels, the director revealed that Peter Jackson inspired him to shoot all of the four sequels at the same time although the upcoming sequels are little bit different compared to the Lord of the Rings movies as upcoming Avatar sequels describe independent stories. During his recent interview with Empire, he revealed, “I said ‘It’s your fault I’m doing this, motherf—er!’ It’s one big story. But I would say a little bit different from The Lord Of The Rings, which you knew was a trilogy and that allowed you to accept a sort of truncated ending for movies one and two and then a fulfillment. This is a greater narrative broken up into four complete stories.”

As of now, there isn’t a lot to go on as we will need to wait until next month to get more news regarding the upcoming sequels. Despite major production issues, hopefully the upcoming sequels will be able to live up to expectations.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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