Chris Mundy Talks About the Future of Netflix’s Ozrak

For last several weeks, news from San Diego Comic Con 2017 is the main source of discussions among fans as we get glimpses of how the next few months will turn out for comic book fans. However, if you are not really a comic book or superhero fan, then you might be interested in some other genres. Most recently, Netflix premiered its latest thriller drama Ozrak which has become instant hit among viewers. Thanks to its surprising popularity, fans might get several seasons of the series in the coming years as showrunner Chris Mundy recently talked about the future of the show.

Talking about how long the show might run, he said, “We’ve always talked about five. Four would be fine, six would probably be fine, but it’s always felt like five is a good number to tell the story.” While his comment regarding the future of the show isn’t particularly surprising given that Netflix is known for giving its shows longer runs before canceling it. However, in the past, the streaming giant has cancelled shows due to poor viewership records. As a result, it’s too early to tell if we will see more of the thriller in the coming years.

While it’s too early to tell, the comments from Chris Mundy came during the public premier of the original. As the show is compared to blockbuster TV series Breaking Bad on a regular basis by experts, it won’t be surprising if the show indeed gets a couple of seasons down the line.

With Netflix’s history of giving its new shows opportunity to become mainstream series, we can expect at least 2 more seasons of the show if in case it doesn’t get above mentioned five seasons. With the premieres of the most popular television series still months away, you can turn to Ozrak in case you need to binge watch a new Netflix original.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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