Apple Introduces New Feature to New Beta

Few days earlier, Apple officially released its iOS beta 3 with several bug fixes and improvement. Apart from the expected fixes, the company also introduced several other features for improved user experiences. Most interestingly, the company finally introduced the screen recording feature which users have been asking for several years now.

As part of the new control center, users now will have complete access to screen recording feature. While the option does not give users complete ability to share their videos to other platform, the feature captures and saves the files locally which can be a solid option for now. Given the company’s history, it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple decides to include sharing method with other platforms to increase the possibility of streaming videos using the screen recording feature.

However, it’s not known when we will be able to use the feature to its fullest potential as there are still some ways to go before the newly added feature can be proven to be helpful at a larger scale. The new iOS 11 feature however, will give everyone better abilities to create and share tutorials and similar videos with others. Add this with sharing platforms, broadcasters who regularly produce tutorials or even capture gaming sessions, will have a better way to broadcast their works with their followers. We will have to wait and see how Apple is planning on improving the feature as we are still some time away from getting complete version of iOS 11.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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