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You Can Request a Ride from Uber without a Smartphone

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Uber and other similar platforms have managed to gain mainstream success largely due to the ease of use and convenience they provide. While Uber is the most popular choice, up until now, users of the service were required to have the official application installed in their smartphones to order a ride. In order to improve the service, the company has announced that you can now order a ride from the company without using your smartphone.

The latest convenience is part of a feature called “addresses introduced by the company earlier. According to the official announcement, you can now request others to order a service for you in case you do not want to use the service on your own or simply, you don’t have access to a smartphone. While you can easily use the service to order a ride at your current location, you will have the option to choose if you want to order a ride for another person who is in another location. Following the selection, you can select the number from the phone’s address book and request the ride at another location.

In order to make everything afterwards, riders will get a text notification which will include details of the trip along with the driver’s details. However, the person will be responsible for the trip’s payment unless Uber accepts cash at the area.

While it is difficult to imagine someone without smartphone these days, the latest feature will help the company to attract more users while improving the ease of use of the service. For instance, in case someone is in an area without internet connection, s/he can easily ask someone else to order a ride without problem. The feature is available in 30 countries starting from today.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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