You Can Play Super Mario Using the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

When Apple introduced its touch bar for MacBook Pro earlier last year, it received mixed reaction from users as different companies were yet to use the added feature to provide solid user experience. At the time, Apple said that the Touch Bar is an extension to the traditional keyboard. Since then, developers around the world have played with the feature bring some interesting ways to use the product. And now, a developer has built a version of Super Mario which can be played entirely in the touch bar.

This latest development comes via a post from Reddit where Redditor PietroMess shared the latest game designed for Touch Bar. The game isn’t highly surprising as previously developers introduced Doom for the MacBook. However, the game wasn’t suitable for such use. Interestingly, the latest Super Mario seems to be performing pretty well on the Touch Bar.

The post in Reddit revealed that the game uses similar methods used by other browser based games. The post noted, “Just bought the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and I’m pretty happy to share with you the mini “game” that I was able to build. You need to avoid the obstacles, that will be Goomba and Brick, from Super Mario Bros. The game is pretty easy and it’s pretty similar to Dino for Google Chrome when internet connection is not available.”

As of now, the game is available from Dropbox but the developer promised to share it on GitHub in the coming days. However, you can download the game from the Dropbox if you are interested in trying it out. You can find the link in the Reddit post here.

Featured image: Pixabay/InspiredImages

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