Xbox Project Scorpio to Include 9GB DDR5 RAM

Gamers around the world are eagerly waiting for this year’s E3 which is set to start on Tuesday. Apart from several highly anticipated video games, Microsoft is finally set to unveil the Project Scorpio which is the biggest Xbox refresh in last decade. Ahead of the official announcement, Microsoft’s corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra recently turned to Twitter to reveal on exciting detail about the upcoming console.

He revealed on Twitter, “We’ll keep tuning Scorpio to empower creators to share the best versions of their games. Unlocked extra GB of RAM for them, now 9GB of GDDR5.”

This latest confirmation means that the Xbox Project Scorpio will make at least 9GB of RAM available for gaming with rest reserved for other system related activities. With the added RAM, the console will surely speed up gaming and provide mind blowing experiences. This goes with the idea based on earlier demos that the upcoming console will support 4K gaming without any problem.

Xbox Scorpio is Microsoft’s latest attempt to catch up with Sony which is experiencing better sales records over last several years. Latest rumors have indicated that the console will be similarly priced to the other consoles but provide better gameplay experience. Interestingly, if the rumored $499 price tag is true, then the console will still be $100 more than the current pricing of PS4. However, given that gamers will have similar specifications for high end gaming computers for a more affordable price, company is expecting that it will increase the sales of Project Scorpio.

Although it will be interesting to see if the sales of Project Scorpio surpass PS sales, in order to experience the full power of the console, gamers will need to obtain a 4K monitor. Despite that, it’s better to have an option and most likely the company will succeed in obtaining its goals. Whatever happens, we will learn more about the upcoming console after few days.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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