Wonder Woman Continues to Produce Solid Performance at the Box Office

While previous installments of DCEU failed to live up to expectations at the box office, Wonder Woman is proving to be the most successful movie set in the universe. Following its record opening weekend, the movie managed to brought in $57 million domestically which is the best second weekend for a movie from DCEU.

The latest figures from the Box Office Mojo have shown that the movie dropped only 45 percent in its second weekend which is pretty solid performance considering other movies form DCEU dropped at least 65 percent in the second weekend.

For example, back in 2013, Man of Steel had seen significant drop of 65 percent in the second weekend as it managed to bring only $41 million. The curse of the second weekend followed with both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad. Both of the movie’s collection from the weekend dropped 68 and 67 percent respectively. However, prior to Wonder Woman, all of the movies in DCEU received negative reviews which largely contributed towards the movies’ performances at the box office. However, it seems that Wonder Woman’s positive reviews are playing a critical role in the movie’s domination at the global box office.

As of now, the movie has made over $435 million at the global box office. However, that figure is likely to drop when several other highly anticipated movies debut in the coming days. Whatever happens, it’s good to see that Warner Bros. finally providing a solid movie. As a result, it will be interesting to see if the movie manages to break record of other movies of DCEU in terms of global box office collection.

Featured Image: vimeo

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