Wi-Fi Sharing Comes to iOS 11

Apple introduced several new features for iOS 11 during the company’s WWDC 2017 events. However, the company didn’t showcase all of the features of the operating system during the event and with the new operating system, users will now be able to share their Wi-Fi with others.

The concept of sharing Wi-Fi isn’t new as Microsoft previously brought it in both Windows Phone and Windows. However, the move from Microsoft was criticized by a large number of consumers since the settings of the Wi-Fi sharing over Microsoft’s operating system allowed everyone in the contacts to get connected with devices. On the other hand, Apple’s Wi-Fi sharing will only work if the devices trying to connect to the network run iOS 11.

If you would like to share the Wi-Fi, whenever there’s another device running iOS 11, you can check for a ‘Share You Wi-Fi’ section in your device and after selecting it, it will ask you if you want to share the Wi-Fi password with others. If you agree, then the receiver’s password field will automatically populate with the password allowing them to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

However, you should note that devices running iOS 11 will be able to connect to your network using this method. Given that it won’t share your Wi-Fi password with all the contacts stored in your device. This idea makes the Wi-Fi sharing more secured compared to Microsoft’s method mentioned earlier.

Featured Image: Flickr/iphonedigital

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