Vodafone Ends Advertising on Sites that Promote Hate Speech

Over last several months, fake news and hate speech has become a major problem over internet. As most of the sites responsible for promoting hate speech and fake news rely on advertising, several major companies have pulled out of advertising programs that sponsor these sites. Now, Vodafone has announced that the company will change its advertising policy to ensure that its ads don’t appear on media outlets that promote hate speech or are responsible for spreading fake news.

In a press release, the company said, “The advertising industry and digital advertising providers such as Google and Facebook have developed automated advertising technologies that use algorithms to deliver digital advertising to targeted demographic categories of internet user, serving ads dynamically within individual websites and social media channels as those users browse.”

“While automated advertising is a powerful tool – allowing advertisers to focus their investment on specific market segments across almost all digital properties – in a small minority of instances it can also lead to unintended and potentially harmful outcomes including advertising appearing next to offensive content.”

In order to protect the company’s reputation, Vodafone said that the company’s advertisements will appear only on selected outlets which are highly unlikely to contain harmful contents.

Earlier this year, several top companies including HSBC, Marks & Spencer had suspended their contracts with Google after the tech giant showed these companies’ ads next to controversial contents on YouTube.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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