Ubisoft to Release New Wii Game Later This Year

The wait for this year’s E3 finally came to an end as the event finally kicked off. So far, there has been several major announcements including Microsoft’s latest unveiling of Project Scorpio. Apart from that, publishers have confirmed several games for later this year. Unsurprisingly, Ubisoft has confirmed that they will be continuing the Just Dance Series with upcoming Just Dance 2018.

During the event, the developers confirmed that there will be more than 40 new songs and access to another 300-odd more through Just Dance Unlimited.

Interestingly, Switch owners have something interesting to cheer about. Ubisoft confirmed that users can HD Rumble to “develop interesting Double Rumble choreographies based on this vibration system, which makes the overall Just Dance experience even more immersive.”

The most surprising part of the announcement is that Ubisoft is releasing the game for almost all the platforms including Wii which is now two generations behind in terms of Nintendo consoles. However, it’s likely that the company is planning on reaching as many gamers as possible with the upcoming release.

Just Dance 2018 is set to include support for up to 6 players simultaneously as players can participate using the controller or Just Dance Controller app for smartphone.

Featured Image: Flickr/Bagogames

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