Twitter Releases New Super Hearts Reaction for Periscopes

If you are one of the broadcasters on Twitter’s live-streaming app Periscope, then the company has made it easier for you to earn money from the platform. The company earlier today has introduced ‘Super hearts’ to users by which they support their favorite broadcasters. While the idea isn’t new, if successful, it will give Twitter an added revenue stream.

The purchasing process of purchasing Super Hearts is a two-step method as you will need to buy coins first using actual money. The prices of coins vary as you can buy 1,050 coins for $0.99 and 132,650 coins for $99. After purchasing the coins you can choose from three different hearts starting from 33 coins.

However, if you would like to give super hearts to your favorite broadcasters, you will need to do so during a live stream as the process isn’t valid for replays. As for broadcasters, the Super Hearts you receive from users will turn into stars which is the actual number of coins the users spent to purchase the hearts. If you have 185,000 stars, you can cash them out for actual money after both Google, Apple and Twitter.

While the process of giving super hearts is little bit complicated than users would like, signing up for Periscope’s new “Super Broadcaster’ program. As of now, the program is available for the users from United States only but according to Twitter, the program will come to other countries in the coming days.

Whether or not the latest complicated process of giving super heart becomes successful in the long run remains to be seen. However, with other companies like Twitch is already sharing similar methods, it can be provide solid return for Twitter in future.

Featured Image: Flickr/Ron Mader

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