Twitter Makes It Easier to Tweet Instead of Sending Direct Messages

Recently Twitter improved its direct messaging feature to improve user engagement and ways to communicate with others. However, often times, users were facing difficulties or making mistakes by tweeting instead of sending a direct message. As a result, the microblogging platform has introduced an additional feature in its official application to avoid the confusion.

If you choose to send a direct message to someone in reply on Twitter, the official application will display a warning informing you that you are not sending a message to someone in case you were going to make a mistake of sending out a tweet instead of direct message to the user.

This new feature is part of some upcoming changes as Twitter made some alterations in its APIs. With the changes, twitter users will no longer initiate different actions by attaching specific commands. With the company pushing for more user engagements, this new feature will make it easier to communicate with one another in case someone makes a mistake of sending out a tweet instead of direct message.

Featured Image: Pixabay/geralt 

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