Twitter Bans ‘The Dark Overlord’ Account

In recent months, the group of hackers known as ‘The Dark Overlord’ have gained attention of media after the group released entire fifth season of Netflix’s ‘Orange is the New Black’. Earlier last week, the group hacked and then released addresses and phone numbers of several well-known clients of a Beverly Hills based health care provider. As the group used Twitter for the latest development, the microblogging platform has banned the group’s official Twitter account.

However, the event of hacking the health care facilities isn’t new considering the group has been active in the area for quite a while now. For a long period of time, the group hacked and then released numbers and other details related to different health care facilities. However, the group got mainstream attention following its high profile hack of Larson Studios. Following the hack of the post production studio, the group demanded $50,000 from the studio. However, as the studio didn’t submit, the group released entire fifth season of the Netflix television show. Afterwards, the network got major attention from everyone.

Few days later, the group then released several other projects prior to this latest development. Although Twitter have blocked the original account of the group, the backup account is still online as of now and there is no further development of the event.

Featured Image: Pixabay/Photo-Mix

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