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Twitch to Roll Out New Mobile Application in the Coming Days

Twitch has gained mainstream popularity largely thanks to its convenient user experience. However, smartphone owners for a long time have complained about poor user experiences on the mobile devices. As a result of this, Twitch has announced that they will release a new application in next two weeks to bring more users on the platform.

According to the latest announcement,

the upcoming application will feature a new design that will provide cleaner user interface along with ease-of-use. However, as streaming from phone can be difficult when it comes to gaming, Twitch had to address the issue to enable gamers who are willing to stream their gameplay experience. According to the company, the process will be much simpler as users won’t be required to switch between applications. The company revealed, “With mobile streaming, going live is as simple as pressing a button. Stream to your channel directly from your phone’s camera to the Twitch App – no need to switch between other apps.”

The upcoming application is similar to other applications used for live streaming purposes. The upcoming application will feature three main sections: Pulse, Live and Browse. The sections does exactly what you have in mind as the Pulse will provide you recommended broadcasters according to your user preferences. On the other hand, the Live section will feature ongoing streaming from broadcasters you follow on the platform. Lastly, the Browse will give you a glimpse of different feature Twitch currently offers.

It will be worthwhile to see how big of an improvement the streaming platform manages to bring with the upcoming product. However, as the application is most likely to feature syncing ability, you can use the application to stay connected to the network and your popular broadcasters in case you are without access to a computer. With less than two weeks remaining, make sure to check out the application when it becomes available.

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