Tom Cruise Is Blamed for The Mummy’s Failure

Universal Pictures had high hopes regarding the studio’s latest release The Mummy. However, the movie failed to live up to expectations as the movie managed to debut with just $31.5 million. Apart from lackluster performance at the box office, the movie was thrashed by critics. As a result, fans have started questioning why the movie performed so badly although the movie featured so many talents both on screen and behind the screen. Interestingly, a new report by Variety has claimed that Tom Cruise is to blame for the reboot’s failure as he had almost complete creative control over the movie.

According to the latest report, the actor had complete control over the movie thanks to his role as a producer. Interestingly, the latest report claimed that Cruise had made all the decisions regarding the movie along with the appointment of the director Alex Kurtzman who was first rumored to direct the movie back in 2014.

While we have to wait and see how the franchise will recover from its failed attempt, the movie performed much better internationally compared to its domestic run. As of now, the movie has earned just $38.1 million domestically and $140 million globally. With several issues coming to the light thanks to the movie’s failure, Universal has high hopes regarding the Monster Movie universe which will see several releases in next several years.

Featured Image: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

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