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There’s No Explanation of the Strange Deep Hole on Mars

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For more than 11 years, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has provided some interesting images that made us scratch our head to find out what it is. However, NASA just revealed another image of the South Pole featuring a giant hole in the planet that no one can explain.

It’s not uncommon for the Martian surface to feature such holes as the rocky surface of the red planet features different craters and pits. However, most recent image released by NASA shows that a similar pit within the melting carbon dioxide that is way deeper than an average hole found in the planet. The pit is basically hundreds of meters and shadows from the sun reveals that at the bottom of the pit, there’s still ice which is surprising given that it’s summer in the south pole of the planet.

However, scientists are still trying to figure out what might be the cause behind the hole in the planet’s surface. Since the orbiter is sending regular images of the planet, we might be seeing even more surprises in the coming months as we prepare to send human to the red planet.

Featured Image: NASA

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