Thandie Newton Talks About Han Solo Movie

Although upcoming Han Solo movie is one of the most anticipated movies, not a lot of details of the movie has been known so far with recently reports surfaced that majority of the shooting has been completed so far. Back in February, Thandie Newton was introduced as a new cast members shortly after the shooting started and now, she has said that the movie has defied all of her expectations during an interview as a part of Variety’s Actors on Actors series.
Although Thandie Newton didn’t reveal a lot of details regarding the storyline or how much shooting of the upcoming movie has been completed, she said that the she was grateful to get the chance to work on such movie at her age. She said, “I had these ideas of what it would be, and it was completely different to everything I imagined. I’m so thrilled, but I’ve signed a non-disclosure [agreement] and I can’t say a word. To be part of a legacy like Star Wars, it’s loved for a reason. I could have been in it for a brief little nothing and I would have been thrilled and delighted. To be taken seriously, a woman of color at 44 years old, to be in a dope-ass franchise.”
As of now, there’s no confirmation on cast members in the upcoming movie. Previously, it was rumored that Woody Harrelson was playing the character of Garris Shrike although it was never confirmed. As a result of this, we will need to wait bit long before we can hear from the studio. As the production is still ongoing, it’s likely that we will hear back more regarding the movie in later this summer.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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