SpaceX Makes History by Launching Two Rockets in Less than 48 hours

Thanks to SpaceX’s reusable rocket technology, the company just made history by launching two rockets in less than 48 hours.

The company achieved the unlikely feat thanks to its delay of scheduled launch of a Bulgarian Satellite. While the Bulgarian satellite was launched earlier on Friday, SpaceX launched two Falcon 9 Rocket in the small time period. Earlier on Friday, the Falcon 9 rocket was launched from Florida while the second one carrying 10 new satellites from telecommunications company Iridium launched later on Sunday from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base.

The latest achievement will go a long way to boost the company’s confidence regarding reusable rocket technology. Previously, Elon Musk noted that SpaceX’s reusable rockets will be more than $300 million cheaper than the traditional one-way rockets which are used for a long time.

With the 2030s Mars mission in mind, the company is set to implement the technology even more in the coming years as Musk revealed in Twitter following the launch on Sunday that his ultimate goal is to relaunch a rocket within 24 hours of its initial launch.

The latest achievement comes as SpaceX’s influence in the area is growing faster than before as the company has more than 50 missions scheduled for next two years.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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