Snapchat Introduces New Snap Map Feature

For last several months, Facebook has been bringing several Snapchat like features to its popular applications. Thanks to Facebook’s large user base, Snapchat has been suffering to keep its audiences interested in the service. Earlier on Wednesday, Snapchat introduced its Snap Map feature to let users know what’s happening around them.

While the feature isn’t new, Snap Map feature is the company’s way to make it easier for users to follow the events around them. In order to make an engaging community, users can now see what others are snapping at a specific location.

Getting started with the latest feature isn’t particularly difficult as you will need to open the map. After you open the app for the first time, the Application contains a tutorial that will guide you through the whole process. However, the app is still rolling out to users and you might need to wait a bit before the feature becomes available to you.

If you are worried about the privacy, then rest assured, the feature is opt-in feature meaning unless you want to give permission to the application, it won’t share your location data with other users around you.

Featured Image: Flickr/Blogtrepreneur

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