Skype’s v8.0 App Update is Available in Play Store

Skype is easily one of the most used services over the internet and have gone through significant changes over its long stay. However, the application recently received an update which contains more modern features including add-in services and Highlights.

The latest v8.0 update of Skype brings several Snapchat like features to increase user engagements. While the latest update doesn’t include a changelog, there are some videos explaining how the new app will work.

For example, now a chat screen now have been changed to contain three tabs to contain options of ‘Chat, Find and Capture’. With the Chat tab, you can see all of your previous messages in one place. On the other hand, you can use the ‘Find’ tab to search for third party add-ons. Apart from that, the ‘Capture’ tab is basically a camera interface that contains Snapchat like stories.

The application is now currently available in the Play Store although it was announced little while earlier that the application will receive a massive update in coming days. However, we will have to wait to learn users’ experiences with the update as the update initially attracted a lot of criticisms from Users around the world.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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