Samsung Uses Push Notifications to Serve Ads to Users

Samsung managed to anger its user base as the company recently implemented a new way of delivering ads that isn’t particularly popular among users. A number of users recently complained on Reddit that the company has started serving ads using push notifications.

A number of users have pointed out the company’s ‘Game Optimizing Service’ app to cause the problem. The app is preinstalled on most Samsung smartphones to improve performance and battery life during gaming session. If you don’t change the settings, the app automatically receives marketing related information to deliver more personalized advertisements and the latest problem of push notifications arises from there.

If you don’t see the application listed on your smartphone although the device is serving ads, you can go to Settings, select Advanced Features before selecting Games Section. Afterwards, enable game launcher. If you follow these steps, you will see the Game Optimizing Service Listed on your applications.

Afterwards, you will need to open Game Launcher and untick ‘Receive Marketing Information’ option from the Settlings which will disable push notifications based ads.

Featured Image: Flickr/Răzvan Băltărețu

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