Researchers Say that the Sun Might Had an Evil Twin Which Is Responsible for Extinction of Dinosaurs

While it’s a well-known theory that a massive asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs from Earth, scientists for a long period of time have wondered what might have caused the impact. Interestingly, a group of researchers have now claimed that the asteroid attack might have caused by a star which was born with the sun.

Recently, a group of researchers have suggested a new theory that every star in the universe was born in litters and it’s like that the Sun may have had a twin named Nemesis.

The hypothesis is based on a study by researchers from UC Berkeley who overserved a giant molecular cloud filled with recently formed stars in the constellation Perseus. And the research suggests that all the Sun like stars were born with a companion which means most likely our Sun also had a twin. As the solar system formed, the star got out of the solar system and became part of our Galaxy.

The researchers based on their observation have suggested that the star might have played a key role in Dinosaurs’ extinction around 65 million years ago. According to the scientists, the star’s gravitation might be responsible for the collision that took place between earth and meteorite that wiped out all the Dinosaurs.

This theory is a part of a speculations by researchers who have long speculated that the stars are born with a companion. However, there is no conclusive evidence until now and we will need to wait to find out if the speculation holds grounds.

Featured Image: NASA

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