Researchers Say that the Earth Exists in a Massive Cosmic Void

For a long period of time, scientists have been discussing the rate of expansion of universe. Now, researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison have showed that Milky Way is in a part of universe which is a massive cosmic void. Scientists are expecting that the latest discovery will help everyone to measure the rate of expansion more accurately.

Scientists for a long period of time have known that the voids around the universe vary greatly and galaxies are connected by dark matter which cannot be seen. Interestingly, the researchers have said that our Galaxy exists in one of these void. Back in 2013, study showed that the void our galaxy is in, isn’t so dense compared to other voids. While at the time there was doubts, the most recent study by researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison has shown that the claim is indeed true and we are living in a massive void. The discovery, according to researchers has presented everyone to calculate the rate of expansion of universe more accurately.

In case you didn’t know, there are basically two ways to measure the rate of expansion. One of them is a traditional method using the observed data from Hubble Space Telescope which records the occurrences around different galaxies. On the other hand, Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) data can be used to calculate the rate of expansion.

As both of the methods use differences in time, results obtained from them vary significantly. For example, the Hubble Telescope does not take time into consideration while CMB was emitted at pretty early stage, making it more reliable for now.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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