Politicians Now can Gain Insight into their Voters Thanks to Facebook Update

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Facebook has introduced several new features to help politicians understand their voters better. With the new tools, the politicians will now be able to see which users on Facebook live in the areas the politicians represent.

Thanks to the new feature, when someone comments on a post of a politician, s/he will receive a pop up asking for user’s address. If the user opt in to fill out the form, they will have a badge next to their name which is not publicly visible and with the badge, politicians will be able to see who they are representing.

Aside from this, politicians will be able to see which topics his followers are talking about to get a better understanding of the issues they should address. This new feature is similar to the trending stories but with much bigger score. If a politician wants to get detailed insight in a specific topic, they can target by selecting district they want to know more about.

These new features are similar to the features released during the town hall features update back in March that provided easy access to users who wanted to obtain contact information of a politician.

Featured Image: Pixabay/geralt 

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