A New Method of Twitter Hack is Responsible for Spreading Fake News in Venezuela

Social networking giants like Facebook, Twitter are often responsible for spreading fake news and the companies have taken several methods over last several months to stop the problem on internet. However, users in Venezuela and Bahrain have reported a new method of Twitter hacking which is being used by hackers to spread fake news over the network.

The new hacking method starts with a simple account takeover. Following the account’s takeover, hackers change the screenname and then create a new account with the same username. When the affected user wants to recover the account, s/he doesn’t find any easy way to recover the account as the account bears new recovery email address.

While the followers of the original account do not bear to the newly created one, the impersonation of the account creates confusion who follow the account. As hackers responsible deletes the old account, it’s even more difficult to recover the old account which makes the newly created account suitable for spreading fake news over the platform.

While both Twitter and Facebook have strong two factor authentication process for all accounts, users of the latest hacking related incident are leading government related protests and do not want to have their personal identity associated with the social media accounts as the accounts are opened under pseudonym. With both Facebook and Twitter are playing pivotal role for making fake news article go viral, both of the companies might require to take necessary steps soon against the current hacking related incidents.

Featured Image: Pixabay/Photo-Mix

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