New iPad Pro Performs Better than MacBook Pro

You Won’t be Able to Use iPad as a Secondary Display for All Macs

Earlier this month during company’s annual WWDC event, Apple unveiled its new iPad Pro tablet and said that the latest device will perform better than some of the notebooks in the market. Now, a recent benchmarking tool has revealed that the company’s tablet actually performs better than the Apple MacBook Pro.

Recently, BareFeats blog tested the new device along with the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the results from the test revealed some interesting in certain cases, the new iPad Pro outran the 13-inch MacBook Pro by slight margin.

The results started with 4 single core CPU performance. Understandably, the 13-inch MacBook Pro outscored iPad Pro with a score of 4,650 while the new iPad Pro score 3,951. In the multicore CPU test, iPad Pro score 9,332 while the MacBook Pro managed to score 9,332.

While there was no surprise there regarding the CPU tests, the iPad Pro outscored the MacBook Pro in the Metal Graphics tests. The iPad Pro outscored MacBook Pro by slight margin. The iPad Pro scored 27,814 while the 13-inch laptop managed to score 26,353. Apart from that the laptop scored 37 in the GFXBench metal Manhattan test while the iPad scored 44 in the test.

While these tests don’t represent the convenient of both devices in the real life, it’s certainly interesting that the iPad Pro can keep up with the company’s laptops. The latest results also confirms the company’s claim that the tablet will perform better than several notebooks in the market.

Featured Image: Flickr/Design Milk

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