New Google Map Update Contains Subway Station Layouts

Google regularly updates its Map to help users who utilize the map to navigate their way through different places. Now, the company has decided to update the Map to include layout of different subway stations to make it easier for you to navigate your way around subway station.

If you are interested in using the feature, then you must be in the transit mode in a small set of subway station. The map includes only a small amount of subway station. However, the company is expecting to update the map feature in the coming weeks. Interestingly, this is one of a small number of areas Google Map falls behind Apple Map as Apple Map already contains higher number of station layouts.

These new features come after in recent months the company introduced several new ones including a new street view with navigation. With the feature, drivers get a visual representation of where they will be required to make a turn. In the process, Google took down fake and inaccurate location listings. Recently, the company said that they have reduced the number of inaccurate location listings by 70 percent since 2015.

The company is yet to make an official announcement regarding the station feature but is likely to announce the feature with more listing in the coming months.

Featured Image: Flickr/Andrew

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