Netflix to Have Television’s Biggest Budget

For a long period of time, ESPN has remained as the top network in terms of budget. However, it seems that the network is set to lose out that position next year when the new fiscal year rolls in. with Netflix becoming increasingly popular with each passing month, it’s normal that the streaming giant is set to take the pole position in terms of budget.

Despite losing out its position, ESPN is likely to continue its heavy spending largely due to licensing fees required for streaming such huge amount of sporting events. Netflix on the other hand have high amount of budget largely due to its scripted projects across all genres and this year, the sum is expected to reach over $7 billion which will go past ESPN’s annual budget by a slight margin.

While Netflix is likely to grow in the coming years, ESPN is struggling as of late as the network recently started losing audiences. In order to cope up with the ongoing problem, the network has cut down on budget and the network is facing a tough time ahead of them. While the network recently caught accusation of being left-wing, a poll from last month showed that politics have no bearing on the viewership of the network. As a result, it’s likely that the network will take some drastic measures to recover from its declining audience figures in the coming months.

Featured Image: Flickr/Matt Perreault

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