Nathan Fillion Is Coming Back to Television for Another Interesting Role

Nathan Fillion Is Finally Heading Back To Fox For An Excellent Role

Nathan Fillion clearly had one of the most interesting career on television. Even after more than 15 years, fans still talk about Firefly and how the show was way ahead of its time. While the show ended prematurely, he played the lead role in ABC’s Castle for eight seasons when he truly became a household name. Following the end of the series back in 2016, the actor had worked in different projects and it seems that the actor is set to play an entertaining character on Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events for Season 2.

A Series of Unfortunate Events has confirmed that Nathan Fillion will be portraying the brother of the narrator Lemony Snicket. Given that the show has followed the events of the books closely, Fillion is most likely set to play the role of Jackques Snicket. As the character appeared in the books for a small period, Nathan Fillion is likely to feature in the show for a small period.

This news comes after in previous weeks, the show has announced inclusion of several new cast members including Tony Hale, Sara Rue and Lucy Punch. However, just like Nathan Fillion’s character, details of the other cast members’ characters aren’t known yet. Additionally, there is no official date for the season 2 premier of A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2.

Image: Flickr/Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV

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