Microsoft’s New Advertisement Claims that Windows 10 Beats Business and Education

Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular in the education market and recently, Microsoft has started its initiative to promote similar devices running Windows 10S. While devices running operating system from both companies have similar features, the latest Microsoft advertisement has hit at Chromebooks by suggesting that Windows 10 devices are better suited for consumers when it comes to business and education related activities.

In the latest advertisement, Microsoft has claimed that despite improvements over the last few years, Chromebooks are still underpowered when it comes to features. Microsoft claimed that Windows 10 Pro offers users superior experience to Chrome OS and shows several standout features of the operating system.

Apart from more features, the latest ad claimed that Windows 10 Pro is suited for both teachers and students alike, a market where Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular thanks to its affordability and the ability of cloud computing. However, according to Microsoft, Windows 10 comes with better security for every task.

It’ll be interesting to see how Chromebooks get better over the coming years as Google recently added Android App support for several models. Despite that, the desktop operating system of Google is still far away from becoming commonplace. We will have to see how long it takes for the company to reach their goal of entering the desktop computing market.

Featured Image: Flickr/Kārlis Dambrāns

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