Microsoft Might Bring New method to protect Your Laptops

While smartphones are currently using different security methods to protect the devices from being stolen, laptops and similar devices still have a long way to go before drastic improvements regarding security takes place. Earlier last month, Microsoft announced the ‘always connected’ PCs to implement cellular connectivity to introduce more protections for users. Interestingly, a new Microsoft patent has surfaced on internet that suggests that users might not even need cellular connectivity to protect their devices.

A recent by MSPowerUser has stated that if the protection method is implemented, it will feature same ‘Emergency Call’ method to protect devices. The ‘Emergency Call’ feature as of now allows users to make calls to specific numbers even without a SIM. Using similar methods, users can disable their laptops or similar devices from distance in case it gets stolen.

While the new method to protect laptops might improve the security drastically, it might feature several downsides. For example, users can easily be tracked down even if they are not connected to any cellular network. Since the method can seriously jeopardize users’ privacy, it will be worthwhile to see if the company goes ahead to implement the security method in the coming years.

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