Lindsey Lohan Lands Her First Major Role in Television

Although Lindsey Lohan was one of the biggest stars of Hollywood few years earlier, we haven’t seen her perform that much in recent years. However, we are set to see her once more as the actress recently signed up for a role in the second season of British comedy Sick Note.

The British comedy series centers on the life of Daniel Glass. The story revolves around his job at an insurance company and his unhappy relationship. However, shortly after he is diagnosed with deadly disease and starts lying everyone around for increased attention. Interestingly, the show is yet to premier on Sky1 but it seems that the network is pretty convinced about the series as the network renewed the show for second season before premier of the first season.

If you are wondering about the possible reason, then you should know that the upcoming series has managed to land several talented performers to paly different characters. The main character of Daniel Glass is being played by Rupert Grint while Nick Frost and Don Johnson are set to play the role of Ian Glennis (the doctor) and Kenny West (Daniel Glass’ boss) respectively. Lindsey Lohan will play the role of Katerina West (daughter of Kenny West) in the second season. While there is no confirmation of her role, it seems that the show is well planned given that the character will debut in second season of the show.

The latest role is clearly Lindsey Lohan’s biggest role in small screen after she appeared in several shows as guest star. However, we have to wait pretty long time before we can see her in action. Most importantly, it’ll be worthwhile to see if she manages to turn her career around after several years of low key appearances in different projects.

Featured Image: Flickr/jingdianmeinv1

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