LG Is Reportedly Producing Flexible PCBs for iPhone 9

We are still months away from getting complete view of upcoming iPhone 8 as rumors started surfacing in full flow over last several months. Interestingly, a recent report out in Korea

has suggested that LG is ramping up its production for flexible printed circuit boards that are rumored to be used in iPhone 9.

The report mentioned that the production for the PCBs will begin sometime later next year which means the boards might be ready for Apple’s upcoming smartphone. The rumors of LG producing such PCBs are interesting since the flexible PCBs are essential components for creating phones or other devices which feature curved or flexible displays.

The report comes as in previous weeks leaked images of Apple’s upcoming smartphone featured curved images. While the design will be similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S8, the leaked images have suggested that the iPhone 8 might give the illusion of bezel-less display.

These rumors however, should be taken with grain of salt as there are similar rumors surrounding Samsung’s next installment in the Galaxy S series. Reports suggested that Samsung is working on producing flexible smartphones that feature flexible displays. If that’s the case, then Apple might just include the design feature with iPhone 9. However, as we are still months away, such rumors aren’t likely to end anytime soon.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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