Latest Samsung Update Allows You to Unlock Your Windows 10 PC Using Smartphone

In order to make it easier for users to stay updated about their multiple devices, Samsung earlier this year launched an updated version of its Flow app for Windows 10 PCs and smartphones. Using the applications, users were able to sync notifications and files between multiple devices. While the features were pretty solid for improving user experience, the application was reserved for Samsung PCs and smartphone. At the time, the company’s representative revealed that the application might be coming in near future for all windows 10 users and now, the company has released a major update for the application allowing the features to work with any Windows 10 computers.

Apart from other features, users will now be able to unlock their computers using their Samsung smartphone thanks to Microsoft’s latest Hello feature include in the latest version of the windows 10. In addition to this, everyone will now be able to sync notifications and other similar activities in case they own both Windows 10 PCs and Samsung smartphone.

However, the application works with the latest Windows 10 creators update along with some selected devices of Samsung. Apart from the latest version of windows, you will need to use a Samsung smartphone running Android Mashmallow or later versions. On the other hand, Samsung tablets running Nougat or later versions of Android will be able to user the application without any problem.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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