Josh Harnett Talks about Saying No to Batman Trilogy

From time to time, we get to know how actors turned down iconic roles which turned out to be game changer for other actors’ career. Interestingly, Josh Harnett has turned down opportunities to play some of the biggest superheroes as he turned down the opportunity to play Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, Spider-Man as well as Superman Returns. Recently, the actor talked about his decision to turn down the roles during an interview with the Associated Press as he shed light on why he turned down such opportunities.

As always the case with artists turning down some major roles, he pointed out that he simply wasn’t interested in the movies. He said, “It wasn’t about not doing studio films. At the time, what I was interested in was… the film that I did instead of that film was a tiny film about a guy with Asperger’s Syndrome, falling in love with a woman with Asperger’s Syndrome. It was a true story, Mozart and the Whale. It was more a question of what I wanted as opposed to what I didn’t want to do, and I always try to look at things that way.”

His latest interview however, does make sense considering prior to Nolan’s trilogy, Batman movies failed to deliver its promises on a regular basis. However, Nolan went on to create what is still considered to be the examples of how superhero movies are made. For instance, even after so many years, Ben Affleck’s current Batman is compared with the character Christian Bale portrayed. Understandably, Harnett seems to regret that he turned down an opportunity to form a friendship with Nolan. He continued during the interview, “I would welcome the opportunity to be in a relationship with a great artist in our film culture, no matter where they’re making films. For instance, I think my regret mostly was not forming the friendship or the creative partnership with that director, more than it was (not) doing Batman.”

Whether or not it was a bad decision to turn down the role is up to the actor alone. However, given that the trilogy went on to experience such massive amount of success, we can’t help but wonder what would have been if the actor played the character. With the history of turning down comic book characters, chances are, we won’t see Harnett play a superhero on big screen in future either.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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