James Gunn Teases another Character for Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel

Although Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 is pretty long time away, few weeks earlier, it was confirmed that James Gunn will return for the sequel as he has already started to work on the script of the movie. Interestingly, the director recently shared an image of printer that started speculation that we might be looking at another new character in the upcoming sequel.

The director recently confirmed that the movie is set after the Avengers sequels as it will be first of the Marvel Phase 4 movies. At the time, he confirmed that Zoe Saldana might be getting a bigger role in the sequel. Apart from that, the newly introduced character at the Guardians 2, Mantis will get more screen time in the third installment. Interestingly, the director shared a picture of his family’s VCR on Twitter. If you were wondering what’s so big about a picture of old VCR, then you should know that the VCR is from Quasar which also name of a character from the comics.

This latest tease from the director comes shortly after he teased the character of Adam Warlock earlier this month. While the character is sure to join the story in the sequel as the movie featured his birth-pod during post credit scenes.

If the character indeed makes its debut in the sequel, then it will be interesting time in the movie’s universe as the character in the comic book can absorb power from any kind of energy source. Besides that, the character also share similar story as he was born in earth. It’s not known if we will see the character but given that the movie will play a key part in the storyline following upcoming Avengers movie, you can be sure that it’ll have several pivotal points. You can check out the director’s Tweet below.


Featured Image: Flickr/Bagogames

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