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Hyundai Introduces New Bus with 180 Miles Range and Can Recharge in an Hour

Although electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, so far automakers introduced cars which are suited for personal use rather than public transportation. However, it seems that Hyundai is trying to change the notion that the electric cars can be used only by private owners as the Korean Automaker finally unveiled its mass produced electric bus this week.

The newly introduced electric bus is called Elec City which features a 256 KWh battery pack. Thanks to its humongous battery pack, the bus has a range of 180 miles according to Hyundai. While it wasn’t confirmed by the company, a report mentioned that the bus can be recharged within an hour.

Interestingly, this new bus falls behind the newest electric bus that is set to be released by American manufacturer Proterra. The E2 by Proterra is set to hit the road later this year with a range of 350 miles thanks to its 660 kWh battery.

While it’s a long time away, it’s not known if the company will bring their bus to North America where the company is clearly set to have competition from other companies who already have started selling electric buses designed for public transportation needs.

However, when the bus finally debut next year, we might see electric vehicles from other manufacturers as automakers are gradually increasing the number of electric and hydrogen vehicles in recent years.

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