Google to Stop Reading Your Emails

Google for a long time have collected data from the services they provide to give you more personalized ad experiences on internet. One of these practices includes reading your personal emails from Gmail. While controversial, the practice has stayed here for a long time. Recently, though, the internet giant has confirmed that they will stop reading customers’ personal Gmail for advertisement purposes.

The announcement comes via an official post on the company’s official blog where the company announced a desire to more closely align with the consumers’ side of the service. While the changes is pretty big, the company won’t be bringing the changes until later this year.

Although a bunch of news reports have claimed that the company is cutting down its personalized ads from Gmail entirely, the company didn’t say anything related to that. Since the company uses regular quizzes and surveys, the ads will continue to be served in similar ways. However, according to the company, they will not be scanning the emails to produce advertisements.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

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